Monday, 27 July 2009

Hello Londonn :)


I'm home; after a month of being in one of the most fashionable cities everr, LONDON! :D

Of course, I was scouting for some fantastic outfits on the female fashionistas around, I could only focus on... dare I say it? The men's clothes: The idea of boyfriend fit jeans, men's shirts, and oversized cardigans have never appealed to me so much until I saw them in full action, I could visualise all the clothes on everyday women:- basically fresh out of a page of Vogue Magazine.

So, instead of splurging in my usual highstreet favourite:- I opted for Topshop's big brother, Topman instead. Cause everyone knows a girl looks better in her boyfriend's shirt than her own. :) I found some amazing cricket jumpers in the male versions of all my favourite highstreet shops- Zara Man, H&M for Guys, and to compliment all of my masculine- aimed buys, I found a great blazer from a men's vintage shop.. yes, I had a great shopping week: but not at all in the shops I was expecting.. so next time you go shopping, have a look in the men's sections, its guaranteed that NONE of your friends will have the same outfits as you!

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