Friday, 18 December 2009

What a girl wants...

Hello to all of our amazing readers...

As its coming up to Christmas, we have decided to find out everything that the average teenager might want for Christmas!

Our Lists:

Auberry: Teen Vogue Handbook, Ralph Lauren Autobiography, iCarly and Gossip Girl Boxsets, Madeline the DVD, Audrey Hepburn Canvas

Collette: Teen Vogue Handbook, Coco before Chanel DVD, Vogue Canvas, Ugly Betty Boxset..

Comment to let us know what is on your Christmas lists!

Auberry Collette Kisses, XOXO

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Vintage.. The fashionistas best kept secret :) x

When someone says the word "Vintage" what is the first thing that comes into your heads? Mothballs and old ladies? Well; think again, Vintage is more 2009 than Lady GaGa.
And plus, vintage ends all those OMG, that girl has the same dress as me situations.. :)

If you like vintage, let me know by commenting!

AuberryCollette Kisses; xoxo

Monday, 27 July 2009

Hello Londonn :)


I'm home; after a month of being in one of the most fashionable cities everr, LONDON! :D

Of course, I was scouting for some fantastic outfits on the female fashionistas around, I could only focus on... dare I say it? The men's clothes: The idea of boyfriend fit jeans, men's shirts, and oversized cardigans have never appealed to me so much until I saw them in full action, I could visualise all the clothes on everyday women:- basically fresh out of a page of Vogue Magazine.

So, instead of splurging in my usual highstreet favourite:- I opted for Topshop's big brother, Topman instead. Cause everyone knows a girl looks better in her boyfriend's shirt than her own. :) I found some amazing cricket jumpers in the male versions of all my favourite highstreet shops- Zara Man, H&M for Guys, and to compliment all of my masculine- aimed buys, I found a great blazer from a men's vintage shop.. yes, I had a great shopping week: but not at all in the shops I was expecting.. so next time you go shopping, have a look in the men's sections, its guaranteed that NONE of your friends will have the same outfits as you!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

For when its HOTTTTT.


Whats your fave bikini style for the Summer?

Im LOVING Juicy Couture new swimsuit collection?

Let me know by commenting,

AuberryCollette KISSES,

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Auberry and Collette FRAGRANCES X

HEY all my bloggers!

Sorry I haven't written on this for a while, I have been very busy and walked in a few fashion shows.. :O, but I will tell you ALL about that later.

Today is all about the fragraces. I have 3 Favourite fragrances and they are, Juicy Couture Original, Chloé, and Harajuku Lovers, Baby.

They are all absolutely gorgeous, and all very different.

Juicy Couture: I absolutely HEART this one as it is a lush mix of watermelon, mandarin, passion fruit, apple, tuberose, caramel crème brulee with woods and patchouli, and I LOVE it!

For Auberry or Collette?: I think this one is for Collette, because it is fun, flirty, and perfect for when you are just going out shopping, OR to a formal party or something.
Chloé: This one is GORGEOUS. It smells like musky crushed flowers and apples, and very oriental. I love it.
Auberry or Collette?: Definitely Collette, this fragrace is very mature, and quite serious, but beautiul!
HARAJUKU Lovers (BABY): Possibly my favourite. If you have it, you probably will understand why. Not only is the bottle ah-dorable, but the scent actually has a tinge of talcum powder in there to make it smell like a real baby! This scent is cute and flirty and I wear it every day.
Auberry or Collette: Both! You could wear it out for a meal or just everyday!
Do you AGREE or DISAGREE with my top 3? Could you think of a better one? What are your fave fragrances? Leave comments on your views!

Thursday, 19 February 2009


As promised, here are the reviews on New York Fashion Week:

The Designers:

- Marc Jacobs shocked the fashionistas in the crowd by starting his show 2 minutes early- (This was a shock as Marc Jacobs is known for keeping the guests and celebrities waiting for several hours).

- Marc only allowed 500 certain members of the fashion press and buyers to view his show. (Usually 1,500 people would have viewed it.)

- As he wouldn't let any celebrities sit on the front row, the photographers were limited to taking photos of his new collection.

- In the ten minutes, he sent 60 models down the catwalk, each styled and dressed differently.

The collection:

- Metallic brocade puffball-minis; Day-Glo capes with American footballer shoulders; flannel jodhpurs worn with satin bustiers; little coats in pastel chenille with oversized ‘pixie’ hoods; black bondage-trousers, kilted at the back, with grey cashmere cardigans, piped in silver. Bol ponchos, were worn with nun-like caps, in a show of hectic elegance.

He went for the neon party dress look, (NEON SPRING?!) flaunting his new flourescent pink and lime dress selection.

The accesories were just as crazy, with Turkish-inspired, turun-up-at-the-toe boots.

The whole collection was called, "Bringing Downtown to Uptown" and was possibly the most original yet.

The Models:


Was seen wearing some awesome outfits on and off the catwalk.

She walked for Gucci, twice in their elegant new Spring collection.

She was also seen out and about, using the Geek Chic look, wearing a pair of oversized glasses, black leather boots black rugby shorts, and a blazer (Which all looked like Ralph Lauren.)

This girl just keeps getting better!

Let me know your thoughts and opinions by commenting!



The Holly That Went Lightly.

Todays session is going to be about the most influential brunette on the Upper East Side since Blair Waldof. Yes, I am talking about Miss Audrey Hepburn. The film she is most well-known for is Breakfast at Tiffanys, set in New York, in which she plays a blooming socialite, Holly Gollightly. But apart from this, Hepburn has been in several films which are now considered classics. Audrey Hepburn is a huge style icon, and in my opinion, brought the Little Black Dress back into fashion. What do you think?

Auberry Collette Kisses,


P.S I will be covering NYC Fashion Week, as promised, in a few hours.


Wednesday, 18 February 2009

My Collette Just Got Auberried.

Hey my bloggers,
Todays debate:
Heels vs. Ugg Boots?
What do you think?
Leave your comments,

Auberry Collette Kisses,

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Auberry and Collette
My Birthday Cookie/Cake! :) x

Hey guys,

Whooo, it's my birthday- (thankyou for all of the lovely e-mails people!) and I was very happy this morning to recieve a Nintendo wii- (On which I have been playing on most of the day!) and I was even happier when I recieved an e-mail from DailyCandy Rep, Danielle, wishing me a happy birthday. Anyway, I want you guys to meet my two models on which I create all of my designs based upon. Auberry and Collette. Luckily, the awesome illustrator from Daily Candy, Sujean, is
letting me use some of her drawings as Auberry and Collette, and those are the pictures above.
Auberry and Collette:
Auberry and Collette are the two characters which I first drew when designing clothes, and they are both the opposites of each other, e.g Collette is blonde, Auberry is Dark Brown, and they both have different styles- Collette likes the bright, neon hoodies, skinny jeans and all the wedgey heels, Auberry like the fitted clothes, and is more likely to be seen at a black- tie event, so Auberry and Collette can suit everyone!
Also a HUGE thanks to all the people at Daily Candy, who helped me with the illustrations on my blog, and heels, Auberry like the fitted clothes, and Sujean, who is the awesome illustrator behind it all!
Also, thanks to Danielle from DailyCandy, for my lovely birthday message! :)
Auberry Collette Kisses,

Monday, 16 February 2009

Converses this Spring!

Confession: I'm the kind of girl who loves the comfortable shoe to a pair of uncomfortable stillettos. But I don't want to wear plain sneakers around- I mean, come on! What I need is a pair of shoes that are comfortable, fashionable, and are girly enough for me. So I choose Converses. They're comfy, fashionable and look great with anything! I like to pair some pink converses with a layered skirt and vest.
How will you pair your Converses?
Auberry Collette Kisses,

Free Advertising

Wildcard Session- CHANEL IMAN!

Right, so once in a while I'm going to have a Wild Card session, which means I can talk about anyone or anything- as long as it's to do with fashion.

Todays Session is going to be about 19 year old model, Chanel Iman.

She broke into the World of fashion when she was just 13 years old, and debuted in Teen Vogue in February 2008. She graced Italian Vogue with other models to celebrate Black History Month, and she has been named Americas Next Big Supermodel of 2008.

Apart from being drop-dead gorgeous, Chanel is a huge fashion Icon for me. She puts together the most amazing outfits and seems to change her style every other day.
P.S If you want me to do coverage on any particular models- leave a comment!
Auberry Collette Kisses,

Sunday, 15 February 2009


So, I was just clearing out all my all magazines, about to throw them away, when I sat down and began to look over them again. I suddenly realised something. Not only would it be a HUGE waste of paper to throw all of these magazines away, but there were some pretty cool pictures in the magazines. So I had an idea- a FASHION COLLAGE!

Not only could I have fashion in magazines, but I could look at it in my bedroom- all the time. You don't just have to have CLOTHES in your collage, though. You can have your favourite celebrities and models- or just pictures you think are cool! So instead of throwing away your magazines, make a fashion collage!

Auberry Collette Kisses,


Saturday, 14 February 2009

LG Cookie- Touch Of Pink!

Hey my bloggers,

So I just got my new brand new phone- The LG COOKIE- IN PINK!

Not only has this phone got a 3 inch wide screen (wow!) But it is fashionable, affordable, and touchscreen!

Best of all, it includes a stylus and drawing pad so I can do my Auberry Colette designs from my phone, how cool is that?!

Auberry Colette Kisses,


Hello my bloggers,


Try pairing some short short's and a plain top with neon accesories and makeup, for a total Spring/Summer look!

What I'm Loving ATM:
-Juicy Coutures bright, summer pastel colours!
-Dillard's pastel ball-gowns
-Lacoste's Spring neon with White combos
-New O'neill swim suit range!

I can't wait to see what kind of pieces are put together at London Fashion Weekend this March; I'll keep you posted!

Love you my bloggers,
Auberry and Collette Kisses,