Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Auberry and Collette FRAGRANCES X

HEY all my bloggers!

Sorry I haven't written on this for a while, I have been very busy and walked in a few fashion shows.. :O, but I will tell you ALL about that later.

Today is all about the fragraces. I have 3 Favourite fragrances and they are, Juicy Couture Original, Chloé, and Harajuku Lovers, Baby.

They are all absolutely gorgeous, and all very different.

Juicy Couture: I absolutely HEART this one as it is a lush mix of watermelon, mandarin, passion fruit, apple, tuberose, caramel crème brulee with woods and patchouli, and I LOVE it!

For Auberry or Collette?: I think this one is for Collette, because it is fun, flirty, and perfect for when you are just going out shopping, OR to a formal party or something.
Chloé: This one is GORGEOUS. It smells like musky crushed flowers and apples, and very oriental. I love it.
Auberry or Collette?: Definitely Collette, this fragrace is very mature, and quite serious, but beautiul!
HARAJUKU Lovers (BABY): Possibly my favourite. If you have it, you probably will understand why. Not only is the bottle ah-dorable, but the scent actually has a tinge of talcum powder in there to make it smell like a real baby! This scent is cute and flirty and I wear it every day.
Auberry or Collette: Both! You could wear it out for a meal or just everyday!
Do you AGREE or DISAGREE with my top 3? Could you think of a better one? What are your fave fragrances? Leave comments on your views!


  1. Harajuku is my favourite!



  2. I love the juicy couture one as well!! My friend introduced me to it in Hong Kong this summer and I fell in LOVEEEE :) I currently wear Burberry Brit but I am switching to something lighter and fruitier for summer!