Thursday, 19 February 2009


As promised, here are the reviews on New York Fashion Week:

The Designers:

- Marc Jacobs shocked the fashionistas in the crowd by starting his show 2 minutes early- (This was a shock as Marc Jacobs is known for keeping the guests and celebrities waiting for several hours).

- Marc only allowed 500 certain members of the fashion press and buyers to view his show. (Usually 1,500 people would have viewed it.)

- As he wouldn't let any celebrities sit on the front row, the photographers were limited to taking photos of his new collection.

- In the ten minutes, he sent 60 models down the catwalk, each styled and dressed differently.

The collection:

- Metallic brocade puffball-minis; Day-Glo capes with American footballer shoulders; flannel jodhpurs worn with satin bustiers; little coats in pastel chenille with oversized ‘pixie’ hoods; black bondage-trousers, kilted at the back, with grey cashmere cardigans, piped in silver. Bol ponchos, were worn with nun-like caps, in a show of hectic elegance.

He went for the neon party dress look, (NEON SPRING?!) flaunting his new flourescent pink and lime dress selection.

The accesories were just as crazy, with Turkish-inspired, turun-up-at-the-toe boots.

The whole collection was called, "Bringing Downtown to Uptown" and was possibly the most original yet.

The Models:


Was seen wearing some awesome outfits on and off the catwalk.

She walked for Gucci, twice in their elegant new Spring collection.

She was also seen out and about, using the Geek Chic look, wearing a pair of oversized glasses, black leather boots black rugby shorts, and a blazer (Which all looked like Ralph Lauren.)

This girl just keeps getting better!

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  1. I actually heart Chanel imans jacket- i've been looking for the shorts for ages, but I can't find them anywhere!! x

  2. hm i wonder why he would start his show early and only allow a certain number of people to enjoy his beautiful work. that's odd.

    thanks for the visit darling :)

  3. I really want to go to one of his shows...before I die, preferably.