Sunday, 15 February 2009


So, I was just clearing out all my all magazines, about to throw them away, when I sat down and began to look over them again. I suddenly realised something. Not only would it be a HUGE waste of paper to throw all of these magazines away, but there were some pretty cool pictures in the magazines. So I had an idea- a FASHION COLLAGE!

Not only could I have fashion in magazines, but I could look at it in my bedroom- all the time. You don't just have to have CLOTHES in your collage, though. You can have your favourite celebrities and models- or just pictures you think are cool! So instead of throwing away your magazines, make a fashion collage!

Auberry Collette Kisses,


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  1. i used to love making mag collages! i have a stack of teen vogues that i could probably use to make a nice collage, hmmmmmm...