Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Auberry and Collette
My Birthday Cookie/Cake! :) x

Hey guys,

Whooo, it's my birthday- (thankyou for all of the lovely e-mails people!) and I was very happy this morning to recieve a Nintendo wii- (On which I have been playing on most of the day!) and I was even happier when I recieved an e-mail from DailyCandy Rep, Danielle, wishing me a happy birthday. Anyway, I want you guys to meet my two models on which I create all of my designs based upon. Auberry and Collette. Luckily, the awesome illustrator from Daily Candy, Sujean, is
letting me use some of her drawings as Auberry and Collette, and those are the pictures above.
Auberry and Collette:
Auberry and Collette are the two characters which I first drew when designing clothes, and they are both the opposites of each other, e.g Collette is blonde, Auberry is Dark Brown, and they both have different styles- Collette likes the bright, neon hoodies, skinny jeans and all the wedgey heels, Auberry like the fitted clothes, and is more likely to be seen at a black- tie event, so Auberry and Collette can suit everyone!
Also a HUGE thanks to all the people at Daily Candy, who helped me with the illustrations on my blog, and heels, Auberry like the fitted clothes, and Sujean, who is the awesome illustrator behind it all!
Also, thanks to Danielle from DailyCandy, for my lovely birthday message! :)
Auberry Collette Kisses,


  1. Happy Birthday! The cookie/cake looks delicious! :-)

  2. Lol, thanks! Yeah it was great- it was from Millies Cookies! :) x

    AuberryCollette Kisses,

  3. Oh my goodness! Happy birthday!!! I know I'm a day late but still :-)

    p.s thank you for following my blog :-) and your comment made my day (seriously!)

  4. Thanks, Charm! Well it was true- your blogs awesome- same with you Elizabeth! x

  5. thanks for the sweet comment u left on my blog ((london--rose.blogspot.com)) it made me smile =D
    and happy belated birthday ♥ how old are you?
    wish i had that cookie/cake lol, millies cookies is the best!
    Hannah x

  6. thanks guys! :)

    your blogs are all awesome?

    Follow mine if you want, I'll be covering the whole of NYC Fashion week tommorow. X

    Auberry Collette Kisses, XOXO